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Men At Work Remodeling Testimonials

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My wife and I purchased a condo on South Michigan Avenue in 2002. Come 2015, it was time to sell and the place needed to be “freshened”. Since we were selling, we were looking for maximum visual impact for minimum dollars. Our good neighbor is a successful contractor, but does not work in the city. We asked him for recommendations and he suggested Scott Sevon of MAW Chicago. I called Scott and began to explain the situation. Scott caught on quickly and began walking me through the possible alternatives. We met at the condo the next day. He assessed the condition, understood the real estate market, and was quick to work with us to agree on what needed to be done. He was a good listener (this is absolutely key to success) and treated us with respect for our wishes, while also offering his well-informed thoughts on alternatives. Once our tenants moved out, Scott and his team were on it. The work was completed quickly and to the quality that was expected. One of the most amazing parts of the relationship was Scott’s communications. Rarely did a call, text, or e-mail go unanswered for more than an hour or two. Thanks to Scott and his team at MAW Chicago

Bob & Lindsey

Mike handled a kitchen remodel for me while I was also dealing with my husband’s serious illness. People thought I was nuts for taking on the kitchen project with so much else going on in our lives, but I knew Mike would make sure everything was done right — and right on time.

I have the advantage of being something of an insider in his industry (I’m a journalist who has covered it for 15 years), so I know a good remodeler when I see one. Mike came highly recommended to me, and I’m delighted that the recommendation was so accurate. He’s very easy to work with; an excellent communicator, and scrupulously honest. I absolutely recommend Mike to anyone considering any kind of remodeling work or other construction. He’s fabulous, and so are his employees.


Just a word of thanks for the fabulous job you and the entire MAW crew did on our recent kitchen remodeling project. I really appreciated your attention to detail, high quality work and even the hand-holding I needed through the problems we encountered with the people I hired separately for the cabinetry and countertops. Since this was my first remodeling job, I didn’t really know how to go about the process, but now that I do know, I will recommend to friends that they hire the general contractors such as yourself first, and then use your vendors for the additional items needed (countertops, cabinets), instead of hiring everyone on my own first.

As promised, you and the crew completed the job here quickly, efficiently and came up with creative solutions and ideas to make my kitchen turn out really great. We are delighted to highly recommend you to anyone who needs any kind of remodeling or home construction work done.

Hilary and Ron

I am finally writing you to thank you for the excellent work and service we received throughout the remodeling project on our Gurnee house. You, your workers and subcontractors worked through the worst winter we have seen in…

Vice President - PNC Wealth Management

Thanks for being so understanding and responsive….I was surprised to hear Vio could squeeze it in before his trip. Does he really think that he can have better luck with clean cuts this next time around? I’m serious about the offer to help with that (although it wouldn’t be complete by Wednesday. I’m willing to wait for his return if that will have a better chance of success.)

Regardless, you guys always do make it right….that’s what makes you head and shoulders above the rest. I need to remember that in the middle of the night when I’m agonizing over it all!


We recently had some significant remodeling of our house (a Springdale) done. We think everything came out great. Since then we have had several people ask who did the work . We were very happy with them so I thought that we should pass on their name and recommend them to any of you who might be interested. The company is Men at Work. Scott Sevon and Mike Nagel are the owners. They showed that they really knew their materials and engineering as well as customer care.

We looked a lot of builders before we signed up with Scott and Mike – and most were really good but Men at Work had detailed processes and bidding that really gave us confidence that they would do it right. They were always on top of any issues that cropped up and were friendly, respectful and organized – always willing to work with us. We wouldn’t hesitate to use Men at Work again.


I believe what impressed us the most was Sevon’s willingness to answer all our questions, even the stupid ones,” said Andrea Turley, who with her husband Gregg, bought a two-story 6,000 sq. ft. South Barrington home.

“The communication was constant, even after we moved in,” said Margaret Hauser, who with her husband Robert bought an 11,000 sq.ft., three-story home in South Barrington. “We still hear from him. He checks in occasionally to see if everything is okay with the house.”

Most builders look good when things are going smoothly, but their quality is determined by how they respond to the inevitable challenges that crop up. MAW’s quality was highlighted by three incidents during the building of our home.

The wrong windows were delivered with the wrong options MAW resolved the issue promptly and installed the correct windows.Shortly after moving into our home, the outside sewer line snapped. This was the result of poor soil and fill conditions on our lot. Your response was to put us up in a hotel, buy us dinner , repair the break in a manner which would prevent its reoccurrence, and send in a cleaning crew. Within 24 hours, the only signs that anything had happened were the leftovers in the refrigerator. And all this on a weekend.

We discovered that the hardwood floors did not meet our expectations. After discussing the options with you, the installers and the manufacturer, MAW arranged for our floors to be resanded and resealed while we were away on a one week vacation. The floors are now exactly what we wanted. Of course we are pleased with the parts that went smoothly. The handicapped accessible features have made life much easier. Our custom requirements have been met in full. And the house is comfortable. We would use MAW Chicago as our builder again, except we’re not moving.

We highly recommend MAW Chicago to anyone wishing to build a home.

Richard and Susan

It was a pleasure hearing from you with your update on MAW’s current activities. It has been almost five years since we moved into our home and are enjoying it as much today as we anticipated sitting in your office designing it. I can’t tell you how many people have commented on its style and quality of construction.

So the good news is, we haven’t had to contact you with any complaints or problems. On the other hand, the bad news is, we have not had an opportunity to talk to you and see how you are doing. Clearly, the construction of a home is a team effort that requires patience and understanding. You and your organization supplied those qualities along with a personalized professionalism that was greatly appreciated. We hope you continue to provide the community with the quality construction for which your company is well admired.